How to make WhatsApp Account with US number Everyone wants a fake WhatsApp account to interact with unknown peoples or make their friends or relatives fool,or just to annoy someone, but how to make fake account whatsapp??

Well, here is the solution…

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Follow these steps to create a WhatsApp account with US (fake) number :

1. First of all download the second WhatsApp, if you don’t know how to then download it from our website by clicking below

How to run multiple Whatsapp in one mobile

2. Download an app from below link and install it


3. Now click on sign up and register your account.

4. Now a link will come to your Gmail account from the app click on it and verify your number and also give all permissions it asks.

5. Now the area code of the country whose number you want, for instance to use US number type 513 which is of Ohio.

6. Now click on continue and choose any one number from the 5 number given.

7. Now go to your dashboard and you will get your US number.

8. Now open second WhatsApp and click the country code at +1 like this

9. Add your new US number and click on next and then ok.

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10. And finally here comes the real trick, WhatsApp will show that it is failed to send SMS, so click on call me.

11.As a resultcall will come from unkown number to the app, pick the call and consequently put the verification code to the WhatsApp given from the call

12. Once verified add your details and you are all set.

If you need any help then feel free to ask me in comment from the post, How to make WhatsApp Account with US number.

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